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Annual membership is open to anyone with an interest in caregiving for elders.

Individual membership is $60 per year

Gift membership is $60 per year

Membership requires an email address to allow members to sign on to members-only sections and participate in surveys and be counted as unique responses. We do not sell, rent, share or make public email addresses of our members. We do NOT send you newsletters or distractions to your inbox. If you receive an email from us, it will be infrequent or a renewal reminder.

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Sponsorship of one or more of our Programs or Sections page is available to businesses who agree to commit to our mission to change the way caregiving is felt and perceived. Some business may choose to provide special consideration to our members in the form of discounts or priority. Sponsorship of Programs or a Sections page is available to those would like to honor someone. These listing will appear with image logo and hyperlink if you choose.

Program or section annual sponsorship levels

$100 Friend | $250 Supporter | $500 Patron

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Sponsorship of My Mother’s Recipe, our signature event. Held in the spring and fall in New York City, My Mother’s Recipe is our anti-gala event. Business sponsorship allows elders, multigenerational families, caregivers and home care workers to attend this potluck for free. It’s a great way for businesses who serve seniors and caregivers to interact in person. Choose the spring and or fall event.

Sponsorship Levels

$100 Friend | $250 Supporter | $500 Patron

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We accept in-kind donations of goods, and gift certificates appropriate for raffle type fund raising. We accept in-kind donations of professional services to help us grown. We are also accepting input for formal and ad hoc advisory panels and Program development committees. Send me an email if you want to give us material, services or brain power.

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The Internal Revenue Service states that the deductible amount of a charitable contribution is limited to the value of cash or property donated minus what the donor receives in exchange for the contribution. Please retain your receipt with your tax records as proof of your gift.

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