Quotes About Caregiving

care•giv•er noun \-ˌgi-vər\ a person who provides direct care as for children, elderly people, or the chronically ill

I feel so helpless.

Doris K. July 2017

I hate this.

Andrew R. June 2017

Sometimes you do it for love, sometimes you do it out of duty, but mostly you do it out of common sense and a sense of humanity.

Sylvia W. May 2017

Doing something for someone who can’t do that same thing for themselves makes you a caregiver. It doesn’t matter if it’s an elderly person, a disabled person, or anyone who needs extra help.

Kristi S. April 2016

I find it very rewarding. I am at peace with it

Peter G. May 2015

I am doing what I need to do now.

Donna F. March 2015

I can do better but its the best I can do for now.

Haina J. March 2015

That mother-daughter caregiver thing is very post WW2

Peter J. January 2015

Caregiver has a different meaning when two people are in need.

Jeanne C. October 2014

Right. I was just the one who was there. They taught me how to do everything at the hospital before he came home

Jeff P. 2013

I bought the house so that my mother could live with me and when the time came she said she didn’t want to live with me so she went to my brother’s home.

Neil B. 2013

Me? No, a caregiver is the person who changes the diapers. I just visit him twice a week.

Larry S. 2012

The person who has your back when you need more than you can do for yourself.

Jomarie Z. 2012

I’m not my mother’s caregiver. I don’t identify with that at all. I’m a Vietnam vet. That experience took it all out of me.

Moustafa A. 2012

It doesn’t matter if my mother lives in a nursing home of course I am her caregiver. I do her laundry, I color her hair. I call the doctor or the administration when she needs something.

Donna J. 2010

I can’t take it anymore. You have to take them.

John Z. 2007

A sure sign of a caregiver is when a grown man cries.

Jomarie Z. 2007