What we do

The CareGivers' Project is an advocacy community for people taking care of elders. We collect ideas and develop them into programs, which may occur as face-to-face events in a grassroots location, or as a collective project for personal expression on the web. The CareGivers' Project undertakes programs that have a defined purpose, structure, and measurable outcome. We make no assumptions of what a caregiver is or is not. Some caregivers will choose to observe and absorb while others will actively share. We have learned the most from simply listening to the experiences of a wide range of caregivers, believing that if you have met 100 caregivers, then there are yet another 100 with distinct experiences and needs. An important goal for The CareGivers' Project is to create a place where Generation X and Millennials can use the experiences of Baby Boomers to inform changes in caregiving for a world moving on fast-forward.

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