My Mother’s Recipe Spring 2017

Sweet is having the taste or flavor characteristic of sugar, honey, etc. It is something pleasing or agreeable; delightfu.l. Sweet is something pleasant to the mind or feelings. A beloved person.


My Mother’s Recipe Fall 2017

It was a potluck with savory flavors.

My Mother's Recipe Spring 2016

We were joined by NY City Councilwoman Margaret Chin, chair of the NYC Aging Committee. She listened. 

My Mother's Recipe Fall 2016

Pickle - a brine or vinegar solution in which foods are preserved. Used colloquially a pickle is also a situation which is difficult or challenging to negotiate. Pickles from all over the world are the theme for My Mother's Recipe Fall 2016.

My Mother's Recipe Spring 2015

We heard a reading of Pollo con Salsa de Ajo written by 11 year old Arianna.

My Mother's Recipe Fall 2015

Caregiving is like cooking. It takes a lot of ingredients and sometimes it comes out perfect and sometimes you have to adapt the recipe.

My Mother's Recipe Spring 2014

A comfort food potluck bringing together older adults who are care receivers with a diverse crowd of present and past caregivers, as well as those who may someday become caregivers. Celebrating generations of comfort food.

My Mother's Recipe Fall 2014

Savory and heartwarming potluck dishes and more great stories about how sharing food and memories of someone cooking it allows us to celebrate relationship.

My Mother's Recipe Spring 2013

Join us as we celebrate the cherished memories of our past though home-made food. Please bring a sampling of your traditional, home-prepared, comfort food, passed down to you by your mother, father, sister, uncle or anyone close to your heart. This festive event, with its wonderful melding of diverse cultures, will honor our ancestry and the warmth of family. My Mother’s Recipe has become a newly shared caregiving tradition in our lives.

My Mother's Recipe Fall 2013

Just as bees share their honey-making secrets from one generation to the next, our ancestors have passed down their private, recipes of comfort foods. Join us as we celebrate the sweet fruits of our ancestors’ labors, with a sampling of the traditional, home-prepared food that has created cherished memories of the past.  Honoring the sweet warmth of family, your recipe may have been passed down by your mother, father, sister, uncle, or anyone close to your heart.

My Mother's Recipe Spring 2012 

Bring your mother and a favorite dish handed down or prepared by your mother to this mother-daughter gathering. It will be an occasion  not only to share our mothers’ food, but to celebrate the meaning of this wonderful gift from our mothers.

My Mother's Recipe Fall 2012 The CareGivers' Project Public Debut

This pot luck celebrates relationship through sharing home cooked food. The Other is supposed to cook a meal associated with The Mother. It doesn't always work that way, but this is an event in spirit so use your judgment. For instance, cook your mother’s recipe and bring your father. In the last three years, we have found endless variations on the theme of my mother's recipe. Non-adult children welcome. If its not a secret,bring the recipe. Include the background of the dish such as country of origin, notable seasoning, meaning of the dish to your family or the story behind why you chose to share it. 

My Mother's Recipe Spring 2011

"My mother is a poem I'll never be able to write, though everything I write is a poem to my mother." Sharon Doubiago


My Mother's Recipe Fall 2011

Join us for a celebration of our mothers through their cooking. Bring your mother and a favorite dish(es) handed down or prepared by your mother to our semi-annual mother-daughter gathering. It’s an occasion to celebrate together our mother’s food and enjoy the company of other caregiving daughters.

My Mother's Recipe Fall 2010

My Mother's Recipe started in the Norwood section of the Bronx nearly two years before founding of The CareGivers' Project as "mother-daughter" event. Gradually the party was crashed by sons, foster-children, grandson's fiancee. From this we learned that "caregiver" is self-defined and nearly everyone has an interest in giving care to elders.