How I started checking on my caregiving cousin, instead of on his mother
June 3, 2020
Only One Patient
June 4, 2020

Voices: Poetry

Voices: Poetry

The Mayor of 82nd Street

I call him the Mayor of 82nd St.
a wonderful man indeed
I call him this because I'm told
He helped anyone in need.
I’ve known him Over 5 years now
yet still, he doesn’t know my name
But each day I arrive to visit with him
I’m certain he’s glad I came.
We share such wonderful interests
the Opera, Art, the Ballet
And then the Corona virus came
which forced me to stay away.
I grieve that I don't get to see him
but I keep up with him as I can
I suppose there may be confusion
that's come to this wonderful man
Or maybe he isn't aware of all this?
Yes, I believe that conclusion more true
Which brings a sense of relief to me
as I wonder "what more can I do"?
I call him the Mayor of 82nd St.
If you knew him you'd know to be true
I haven't a doubt if he knew what was up
he'd tell us all just what to do.


Ladd Boris, professional companion

for John Bergman 1923-2020

Our era of sirens 2020 June 3