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May 22, 2020
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May 23, 2020

Voices: Poetry

Voices: Poetry

I Live with My Mother


I live with my mother, and let me tell you
All that we’ve experienced
And what we’ve been through.
There’s always a crisis in the house
Even with a pandemic outside.
There’s tension, enjoyment, worry, and love
That all are constant and flow like the tide

I live with my mother, for the first time in a while.
I feel in her eyes no matter what age I’ll always be a child.
Doting, suggesting, reminding, and questioning
The thought of my independence to her must be wild.
I try to remind myself that I am lucky and blessed
To be able to see her daily throughout this whole mess
And confide in her when I am down or stressed
With all the anxiety of wanting her to be safe and well
As we are cooped up inside giving each other hell
Comes hugs, laughter, and stories of new memories to tell.

I live with my mother, and I’m sure by now there’s been tears
Because the thought of my love for her still does that
Even when we’re confined together, and she grinds my gears.
And now the time for us to part nears..

While I find both peace and sadness in knowing it’s not forever
I wouldn’t trade a thing for the moments we’ve had together.
I live with my mother.


Dana Marchetti

Our era of sirens 2020 May 22