We Are In This Together
May 21, 2020
The Power of Love In Turbulent Times
May 22, 2020

Listen In Trying Times


Listening. I believe that listening this is one quality that I have been able to handle with a certain degree of expertise throughout my life. I am what they call a good listener. Now more than ever listening has become a valuable tool for those who take care of loved ones.

When I say “those” I’m specifically referring to my brother Frank. As with many families and friends who have been affected by the COVID 19 pandemic and have had to stay in place, communication, specifically telecommunication, has become a lifeline to remind us that everyone is still there, and we appreciate more their presence on this earth and in our lives.
With my brother Frank, telecommunication has been the main instrument for him to check that I am safe during this time because I live in the state hit the hardest. Our conversations are more meaningful. In reality, I’m not sure if in the near future I will be able to board a plane and spend a few days in New Mexico or if Frank can travel to New York.

Besides checking on me, telecommunication has become the tool for Frank to talk about being the primary caretaker for my mom and the tool for me to practice my listening skills It has become the avenue to celebrate the good moments, decompress about the bad ones, and cope with the role of caretaking in trying times.

When New York Pause went into effect on Sunday March 22, New Mexico was business as usual. In fact, In New York, I was living in a crisis zone and in New Mexico, Frank was going on with life as usual. Frank’s, reality was completely different. In New Mexico, specifically, Alamogordo, city where my mother and Frank live, was playing a very slow game of catch-up. No one was wearing a mask or protective equipment. Frank had to deal with Meals on Wheels personnel who were coming into houses with no gloves, masks, and putting both themselves and everyone they served at risk.

All the while as Frank was trying to do the right thing, seeing how New York was a “canary in the coal mine” and that there was a very likely chance that what we were experiencing could happen in New Mexico. , He had to deal with resistance. Resistance from supermarket clerks who coughed on food items that he was buying to cook for my mom. Resistance from neighbors believing this is all a deep state conspiracy. I listened; I heard that Frank had an uphill battle. He was devoted to be there for our mom. He was devoted to taking care of the person who brought us into this world and more than ever protect her from this crisis. For me, Frank is an essential worker, and for him I will answer his special FaceTime ring tone and Listen in Trying Times.


Hans Wolf-Guzman

Our era of sirens 2020 May 22



the imparting or exchanging of information or news.

means of sending or receiving information, such as telephone lines or computers