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June 4, 2020
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January 4, 2021

Washing my Hands to Finally See my Grandparents


Social distancing is hard and lonely at times. After over two months of only being at home, my daddy said we are finally going to see grandma and grandpa! Grandma and grandpa live in New York City, but they moved to their country home in upstate New York to be safe from the coronavirus.

I’m used to seeing my grandma and grandpa often. They come over to watch my soccer games and see my dance performances. They also come to just hangout and relax. My daddy said before we see them we must wash our hands carefully. He taught me how to wash my hands in a special way. He said, “I should always wash my hands this way to kill germs.” He said, “Sing happy birthday 2 times slowly while you wash your hands. You should not be finished before then."

When we got to grandma and grandpa’s. We all went right to the sink! I got my hands super soapy rubbing the palms together. I washed my hands exactly as my dad taught me. Let me show you! Come and watch me!

When I was finished washing my hands, I ran to the living room to see grandma and grandpa. It was great to see them smiling. I felt good about keeping them safe washing my hands the right way. I am looking forward to seeing them for a long time!

Eva, age 9

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