Pay It Forward

April 1, 2016

Dear Hunter, 

Because Auntie T and I have some things common such as no kids and one shared niece, we did a Skype call about estate planning and I wanted to keep you in the loop because it impacts you. Congratulations, we pick you to take care of us in our golden years. We found a trust and estates attorney to give us a 2 for 1 discount on transcontinental estate planning. Oh! How we laughed about your secondary gain of earning 6000 frequent flyer miles every time you visit us, which we are ensuring that you will do equitably. 

Before we decided on the estate planning, I was going to give my money to Save the Fruit Bat from Extinction (SFBFE) and Auntie T had been talking to the bequest department at the Hula Hoop Society. At this point we both want to continue small donations to those organizations, but we want to make your inheritance a little greater. Of course, nothing comes for free, and because we have no kids and one shared niece, the trust and estates attorney advised us to make this a “pay it forward” situation. The attorney pointed out that dissolution of an estate after death isn't of value to either of us, but ensuring that someone looks after our caregiving needs while we are still alive is what we should targeting. So, chicklet, you will inherit the majority of our assets if you follow our care instructions. 

First, we need you to move to the geographic half-way point between us. That is Loomis California 95650 which is inland northern and looks quite rural. The town motto is “A small town is like a big family.” I can’t make this stuff up. Next, we both want to live out our lives in our own homes, and that choice had you in mind too. You will get to leave that rural town for the big cities frequently to visit us. Auntie T has it easy with no stairs but difficulty getting groceries so you will have to shop and cook and leave meals in the freezer.  I can have anything I need delivered, but might have to move to the downstairs bedroom. I shouldn’t be too much trouble, but please feed the cats who keep me company. Finally, we would both like you to check on us every other week. One week fly far west for the weekend, and the next fly to the Atlantic coast. That might sound like a lot now, but think about it: the combined estate after we’re gone should make it so you won’t have to work for the rest of your life. As I explained, it is a pay it forward situation. 

Give this some thought and then send both your Aunties a group text when you agree, so we can finalize the papers. Have a great April Fools day.


Auntie Jo

Thyme N. Haff

First day of April 2016