As if I am Holding His Hand
August 10, 2017
August 10, 2017


Simultaneously Small & Huge

I was invited to Camille's birthday party
Her son said it would be small

Her son said it was huge
This is her 89th birthday 

Over and over he repeated
it's small, but it's huge

There would be few of us
Four guests and the birthday girl

Twelve years of health have passed
This is a monumental achievement 

The hugeness of Camille's birthday is
celebrated by her caregiver son

And two women, who bathe, feed and dress her
They dye her hair, and call so problems stay small 

Joined by her doctor, a lighthouse for the
flow as Camille makes another milestone 

Sick people living well is huge
It's small when just the right people celebrate


Thyme N. Haff

2016 April 10